Commonly referred to as Canvas, awning fabrics come in a variety options including fire retardant and new technologies such as Rain Clean. If you have worn-out fabric or want an updated look, we've got you covered. We can fabricate and install new covers to fit almost any fixed-frame. Give us a call!

Fabric Replacement (Re-covers)

Fabric covers will last between 7 to 15 years, depending on quality of fabric, exposure, and proper fabric care.

There is a world of options when it comes to awning fabrics. In our global economy sourcing the right product has become more important than ever. Fabrics may look similar or have similar specifications or performance metrics, but not all fabrics are created equal! We buy all of our fabrics from trusted distributors, backed by warranty.

Let our team of professionals help guide you to the right fabric selection for your project. For over four decades we have seen their performance in action!

Awning Fabrics

There are multiple options when it comes to selecting the right fabric for your project. Aside from look and durability, the frame shape and design also plays a part in pairing the fabric with a fabric with suitable performance characteristics.

Some of the most poplar fabric materials are Acrylic and PVC Laminated or Coated, a.k.a. Vinyl.

The most popular and time tested Arcylic Fabric available is Sunbrella. Glen Raven’s Sunbrella fabric was born from the belief that outdoor fabric should be both functional and stylish. Their specially formulated fabrics were the first of their kind in 1961 and continue to be the industry leader today. Despite the cotton standard of the time, they developed a solution-dyed acrylic that provided a vastly more durable performance fabric. Solution-dyed fibers and UV stability ensure colorfastness. Protective coatings resist water, stains, mold, and mildew. Unique Sunbrella fabric blends create soft, breathable textiles. Quality materials and weaving techniques mean the fabric keeps its shape. Sunbrella outdoor fabric is durable and long lasting. Certain Sunbrella fabrics are Made in the USA with imported fibers. Sunbrella continues to innovate to accommodate the modern landscape.

Some of the most popular Vinyls are made by Herculite. Herculite is an innovative fabric company that manufactures high-quality performance textiles. With an extensive lineup of collections, they provide highly functional, laminated fabrics for easy use in the real world. Not only have the fabrics been tested to perform but they are made with the environment in mind. Herculite fabrics extend some great features for fabricators. Many are 100% waterproof, making them great for marine conditions and coastal climates. Their proprietary Rain Kleen® topcoat prolongs the fabric’s lifespan and keeps them clean. Choose from high-strength, high-style outdoor fabrics for multiple needs.

Fabric Care

Always follow the fabric manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and maintenance strictly & carefully.
Always test how your cleaning solution will affect the fabric on a spot of the awning where any discoloration will go unnoticed before cleaning the entirety.
Use a clean cloth (or paper towel). The cloth should also be color-fast. In most cases, a white cloth is best.
Hose down awnings and outdoor shades with clean water (from a garden hose is fine) about once a month or so on a hot and sunny day. Keep an eye out for objects, accumulated dirt, and the like, and remove promptly. Keep the underneath of your awnings and outdoor shades clean of cobwebs and other build up by brushing with a clean broom or soft bristle brush. Keep shrubbery, vines, and bushes away from awnings as some plants contain an acid that can harm the fabric. Be sure to check awning frames regularly as any rust that forms could discolor or harm the fabric. Take care to avoid dragging awning fabric along potentially damaging surfaces like asphalt. Avoid getting insect spray and other chemicals on awning fabric. Avoid open fires around and under awnings. Keep water from standing on awnings. Avoid using harsh soap or other cleaning solutions. Never store awning fabric while fabric is wet or damp.

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